Eric Younkin Photography


About Eric Younkin Photography:

On this site, you will witness Eric’s unique passion as a visual artist of light, color and composition. You will not be distracted by unnecessary computer graphics, blog renderings and music files and you will find no added digital effects used by many photographer to enhance marginal images. Here, you will find only the eclectic works of Eric Younkin Photography.

Eric’s creativity and photographic stylings developed from a desire to capture life’s precious experiences for historical and personal contemplation. He takes pride in having graduated at the top of his class from a prestigious New York University acclaimed for a comprehensive curriculum in film and digital photography. Eric's work can be seen advertised globally in such magazines as Photo Industry Reporter's and Modern Bride. Because of his dedication to his craft as a innovator and leader, Eric has picked up sponsorships with many companies such as Phottix Photography Specialist, as well as Expoimaging/Flasbenders and has been a key tester in new ground breaking gear from companies like Spyder Pro.

Eric’s photography will draw you into the moment and treat you to exceptional images meant to reflect the essence of a memorable event, special occasion, architectural rendering or the spirit and beauty of an individual. As a Master Photographer Eric is recognized as one of the most innovative portrait specialists in the country and his works with live theater have been covered in both local and national publications. From high school seniors to Hollywood actors, Eric provides a quality professional product for his diverse clientele.

In the realm of commercial photography there is no assignment too great or too small. Eric has contracted with Fortune 500 Companies such as Rave Motion Pictures for photographic services; he has accepted recurring duties as Creative Director and Photographer for national corporations such as Knockouts (haircuts for men), supervised PR shoots, executive headshots and supplied the images for annual corporate and commercial calendars. His architectural and design studies for the Holiday Inn Group and regional realtors/agents can be seen displayed on numerous international websites, public relations literature and magazines.

It is believed that any product cannot be superior to its weakest link; therefore, accompanying Eric’s expertise and devotion to his craft is the finest photographic equipment available to the professional. As a Platinum Member of Canon’s Pro Services, every conceivable need is covered. Integrity and a unique artistic soul is the essence of Eric Younkin Photography. His quiet passion and love for innovative and thought- provoking images is his calling card.